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Executive chef Joe Alosi and his ever-effervescent bride, food critic and fashion trendsetter, Maggie, are back for their 19th season. 

After working in south Philly at his parents’ Italian grocery store, Joe came to Wildwood, where he later met his wife-to-be. Says Maggie, “Joe is the quiet perfectionist who tends to stay in the kitchen while I handle the front of house. I like to personally welcome all diners. I think first impressions are really important in the restaurant business.” According to Joe, “She is always dressed to the nines and always in high heels - different ones every day from her collection of over 100 pairs”. In the winter, Joe and Maggie love to do food research and often travel to Aruba or Italy. When asked if they could live anywhere in the world? “That’s easy,” says Joe and Maggie. “Italy, of course -- great food and great shoes!!”

“My grandparents were straight off the boat from Sicily, so there is no question where my culinary influences originated.”

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